Our drones, camera stabilizers, video cameras, lenses, software and hardware are state-of-the-art to produce the best images available. All post-production editing is done in-house to make sure we tell your story your way. Think of us as your personal eye in the sky.

A couple of other cool nuggets: Up High Productions is one of the first female-owned companies to earn a sUAS part 107 remote pilot certificate (yup, a girl drone pilot!) and is fully-insured, including the drones (be careful, not a lot of competitors are). So you can relax; we’re certified, safe and legal.

Are you ready to fly with Up High Productions? We are clear for takeoff.

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Sherry from Up High Productions

About Sherry

Sherry Krueger has over 20 years of professional image production and editing experience on both sides of the lens. Before going Up High, she was responsible for image quality, editing and color control for several national publications. Her ace eye for detail and expert editing skills are unparalleled in the business. Sherry and her team is always updating their technology and looking for new way to shoot, film and edit. She was one of the first FAA certified sUAS drone operators, certified in the first hours of the first day certification was offered. Let’s just say she knows her stuff.

Sherry founded Up High Productions to help clients tell their stories through video and photography. Her team uses the latest equipment and software technology, resulting in the highest-quality videos and still images available. Their friendly, collaborative approach to meeting client needs sets Up High apart—they’ll make it easy to give you what you want.

About Aaron

Aaron, a licensed and insured sUAS pilot, has been flying since 2013. He was in on ground level and has flown hundreds of our videos. His eye-in-the-sky pilot skills and nose-to-the-grindstone editing finesse make him a valued member of the Up High team. Prior to joining Up High, Aaron was producing action videos for park-ski snow skiing and waterski show skiing for over a decade.

Aaron the Drone Pilot

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